what have you done?

she remembers everything about that day...

the OFFICIAL pepper sands site...  

another blast from the yukon that leaves me singing all day long. and well into the night... you got me singin' your song...

let go of your bad days...

cello and mandolin music for your headless kisses...

australian synth pop is the way to go. give your ears a treat...

jane siberry is a legend...
adrienne pierce
she is the cd and the whole box set...

immaculate machine once said immaculate machine could one day dethrone the new pornographers to become canada's power pop kings. yes, they are that good.

a very fun band from red deer who made a special trip to vancouver island to play in joni's basement. support them! they are good!

other stuff

days have been wasted here. many, many days. strongbad makes it all ok.

like friendster, only way better. by about a million percent.

fuse tv:
the american arm of MuchMusic. i wish i had an american arm. for more info on fuse tv, click here.

meegee blog
megan's blog! she plays bass with limblifter and also the matthew good band. dig it!

vit vit records
amazing music from sweet pea mcgee. home of thanksgiving. and adrian orange.

boompa! records

home of the salteens, sekiden, the lucksmiths and kevin kane.

new music
THE place to listen to a ton of good canadian music.

the fifty fifty arts collective
victoria's favourite artist-run, non-profit gallery and all ages venue.

andy scheffler's photography, illustration and design site
andy is capturing the vancouver indie scene one band at a time. and sometimes two at once.

cord magazine
andy scheffler's other site filled with photos, reviews, interviews and the infamous cord radio!

photos and good stuff

laurence mollerup, bassist
the finest bass player in canada. and a nice guy, to boot.

david spidel

another great bassist, web designer and all around good guy.

mirror project finally, a web site not obsessed with showing you j'lo's pink bits. just a bunch of mirror happy camera freaks.

nardwuar the home of vancouver bc canada's most loved weirdo. the real audio stuff on this site kills me. check out the sloan interview.  

theatre skam

official theatre company of the 2010 olympics.

canadian museum of contemporary photography
both kevin and joni give the cmcp two thumbs up!    

tyler pantella's photography site
lots of great pictures from the victoria hardcore and indie rock scenes.

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