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The first thing to remember is that nothing will ever stay the same.

And once it has crossed over, good luck on the return journey.

Time is relative, relatives are untrustworthy and youíre retaining water.

Whenever you can, make yourself available to a lightning strikes.

The reason for new lines is that the old ones deteriorate.

Flux is the natural state Ė deterioration fertilizes new lines

All your memories are replaceable.

The new items are quite accessible, compared to the decrepit units of mass stereotyping that we were driving in the past.

Coincidence is planned, though mathematically improbable.

We will not be afraid of money. People with it, of having it, of finding easy ways to make it.

The new reason for the getting together of two or more sticks is the fact that both of the fags need to work it out.

Super powers must never be used lightly.

If you're tired, sleep.

The time for accomplishing the things you need to do is upon us.

Rise up, rise up, and release the monkeys.

All the ways of doing something are all the ways it can be done.

The first time that I came over to her house, I was smitten and hairless.

This ending with a beard and a spanking may yet be avoidable.

If you find yourself lost, keep walking.

For the love of all things holy, put the cap back onto the corpse.

All your actions are permitted here just wear gloves and clean up afterwards.

Donít underestimate the true quality of patience.

And donít get overwhelmed by the true nature of electricity.

True nature is not to be feared only exploited.

Consider the results of your actions and be prepared to discard the conclusions you come to.

The little rubber pieces make for a different ride; one that pricks as it goes by.

Tweak the nipple and inflate to capacity.

Be gentle but firm.

The main reason that happens is the orientation.

Reorienting is possible if results are not desirable.

Sometimes you have to change things to get results. You just have to. Sorry.

The line can be divided into more than one. Segment. I didnít know you could to that.

Cold chills, dry heaves, and uncontrollable shaking , it passes.

When they ask for proof, give them proof. You have nothing to hide.

When the time is ripe, pounce. Pounce like a mad rabid slathering tiger.

Fight or flight is a natural reaction, resist it.

Once you have given up, really give up. Let it go. Get on with it.

The length of the note is determined mainly by the relation to the implant.

Go implant this in the little ones.

Keep running, if youíre running.

Bring back the scorpion. He will make you feel the spin of the earth.

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